}002{ Day Two

Motivation hasn’t been my biggest thing yet – but I still feel a bit burnt out from my adventure of staying up all night and getting lack of sleep. I’m hoping that I’ll start next week off with a plan. I’m going to work on actually going back to the gym. Monday – my goal will be to go to the gym.However, my to do list yesterday… wasn’t very successful. I did, however, open a bank account. We have an appointment on Saturday to go in and have my fiance added to my account. I ended up getting my stuff to organize my income tax for us.. I also bought a white board calendar. It was on clearance for $5. Will help my fiance keep my schedule straight and can keep important events on them.

I submitted my direct deposit information for work. I just have to get the information for the gym. It’s all pretty exciting. Hopefully I can keep the energy up. I’m working on drinking tea more to stay hydrated and to be healthy. I’ve been drinking (and carry) sencha tea with me everywhere. I love it.

Well, I’m going to head off now… get some organizing started.

Until next time!

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