}006{ Happy 12-12-12

Sorry I’ve been quiet for so long folks!Life hasn’t been very exciting (just been playing video games for the most part!) My side bothers me from time to time still, but I assume there is healing going on so I expect it to take time.

Sunday I had gone to my fiance’s Christmas party for work. It was fun, lots of awards and good times. He seems really well received at work – which is great!

Work is getting more stressful for me – tis the season! ;) Though I’m keeping things in line and working hard towards a promotion (one could hope soon, right?) I’m getting to see different parts of business – taking over things for a friend… said friend received a promotion recently, which is fabulous as he deserves it!

I’m debating cancelling my gym membership or hanging on to it to try and go back after my side stops being so randomly tender. We will see. :)

I’m working into my beading items again.. Some neat things going on at work. I’ll let you know if anything comes up.

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