}008{ Addictions

There are few things in life I feel that I’m truly addicted to… but in the last two years, I can name two locations that I’m addicted to. The first one was to DAVIDsTEA! I can’t tell you how much I love this store!I own MANY pieces of merchandise from this store; Tea pots, tea cups, the Perfect Mug, travel mugs, and various teas. I have a disgusting amount of tea, and may very well begin reviewing them on my blog. Things that help me sleep, things that make me feel better, generally just enjoyable teas. It seems like a great idea to me!

The second, is LUSH! I never thought of myself as a girly-girl until I went into this shop a few months back.I have purchased so many items from this store I’m starting to lose count! From gifts, to products for myself and my fiancé… this store has EVERYTHING I could ever want! I’ve fallen in love with their soaps, shampoos, make-up, perfumes, bath bombs… You name it, I’ve probably tried at least one thing from every one of their categories!

It has come to my attention, that people of the internet LOVE ‘haul’ videos! I’m not one for doing videos and talking … but maybe I could do some good with my blog and my love of these products. Maybe I will try to make at least one post a week with a product from either store that I love. I have so many currently, it shouldn’t be too hard! I will post when I do a ‘haul’ of any kind! Perhaps if I purchase from both stores, I will do both in one go! Once I post this journal, I will go ahead and start my first ‘haul’, and this one will be from LUSH! I will, moving forward, take pictures of my hauls before I tamper with them in any way.

Thanks for reading, and just wait for the next exciting installment!

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