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I decided this evening, prior to making my way to bed, that I was going to try out Oatifix! I usually would have waited until I was going to shower, as I find it much easier to rinse everything off that way. Since you’re supposed to start off with a clean face, I did my usual facial scrub of Ocean Salt, rinsed and patted my skin dry.I opened up Oatifix, and the first thing that hits you is this very comforting and delicious oatmeal smell. So sweet smelling that it smells like brown sugar is baked into it! I don’t find the banana’s have a prominent smell into it, but that could just be how lost I was in the aroma of the most divine oatmeal to ever grace my nose… The vanilla is definitely what brings out the sweet smell of this… and I found it very hard to not want to consume this while it was in the container and while it was on my face!

The first thing I found a bit weird about this face mask was it’s consistency. It’s not very smooth, it’s like oatmeal that doesn’t have enough water or milk to be creamy, so sort of chunky. This makes it a bit awkward to put on, but once it starts to warm up from skin contact, it spreads a bit easier. When applied, it wasn’t like your typical mask that would be all smoothed together, it was lumpy and patchy looking.

While it dries, you get to continue to enjoy the smell of this delicious mix on your face. I found that as it dried, it was flaky and made my skin start to feel itchy. This was just about at the ten minute mark, so it wasn’t like it was a constant issue.

Washing this off, was a task. It became very gooey and thick on my skin once I started to try and wash it off. I had to have handfuls of water and scrub for a minute on an area to get it off. So it’s a bit messy to remove – which will be remedied by me using it prior to showering as I would usually.

Once it was off, I padded my face dry with a towel. My skin was left very soft and had a nice clean glow about it. So although this product is a bit tricky and messy to use, I would highly suggest it. Just be warned, that it would be best used prior to hopping in the shower, so you can rinse off cleanly. When you use this product, the smell lingers on your skin for a little bit. It gives you a nice delicious smell in gentle waves.

If you’ve used this product, please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below! I’m interested to know what everyone’s feelings and experiences are with the products I use. If you have suggestions on easier application, let me know! I’m willing to try out new ways – it’s half the fun of using the products!

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