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So my friend wanted to go out today so we did. We knew it would be an adventure to LUSH. We’d been thinking about doing this for a week and finally completed our plans yesterday and set the time! We did a few things, one of which I will write about tomorrow.. as it wasn’t the most pleasant of experience… followed by LUSH followed by DAVIDsTEA. Which, let me tell you, made the day so much better!Nothing is worse than going out and getting bad customer service. However, going to your favorite places and receiving the top notch service you would always expect does make your day awesome!

Knowing I didn’t have much money and wanting to go to LUSH, don’t go very well together. I knew I was pretty well stocked up and could wait until I was paid in a week… I get so excited in LUSH that I just couldn’t help myself! This was the first time I had been in the Mic Mac Mall LUSH, and it was even more fabulous than the Halifax Shopping Center’s. I wouldn’t be able to go all the time, as I hate going to Dartmouth, and Halifax’s isn’t bad, it’s just much smaller!

In any case, we walked around… smelled all the deliciousness that could be found. I decided that I would buy one thing – and it would be the Vanillary Perfume! I didn’t realize just how much it smelled like Vanilla Puff Powder! Yum!

There were some gift bags near the checkout, and as I was waiting… I decided to pick up Little Green Bag! It smelled so good, and it had a couple of the items I wanted to try in it, so I couldn’t go wrong! I decided against needing a bag, as the Little Green Bag comes in a perfectly awesome way to carry your purchase and the Vanillary Perfume could just slide right in. With their new ‘go green’ incentive, if you don’t use a bag or bring in your own reusable bag, you get a free sample of anything you want in the store. (I’ve gotten many free samples just by asking before too ;)) It’s a nice little bonus for people who aren’t away. So I decided I wanted to try the Olive Branch Shower Gel!

I managed to not spend a lot, and was extremely happy as always with my purchase. You can see from the picture below it was a nice little haul!
If you are interested in a review of a specific one of these products, please let me know! I plan on doing reviews of most items, but if I get special requests, I may post them sooner!
Have a great day!
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