}013{ -R02- From Love to Hate

Yesterday, my friend and I decided to go to Cora’s on Dresden Row in Halifax, to start our day off. We had been there many times, and we love going because the atmosphere is pleasant, food is delicious and the staff is awesome.So, my fiancé & I arrived first. We went in, I ordered a mochaccino and waited. Once my friend arrived, the waitress came over and my friend ordered a double espresso while she decided on food. The waitress said she would give us a few minutes to decide and would be back. A new waitress came over a few minutes later to ask if we were ready to order, and we ordered our food. My smoothie that I bought with my food came, the food came, and she still didn’t have her espresso. She told the young man who had brought our food that she didn’t get her espresso yet. He looked shocked that she didn’t and hadn’t received it yet and went to promptly resolve the issue for her. She received her espresso, and to her surprise it was burnt and awful. She drank it anyways, as she did not want to throw away money on the drink.

We expected that once we received our food, we would have the usual check-ins to see if we need anything or if everything was okay, but they never came. The only time she came was about 10 minutes after we finished eating, to take our plates away.

We were talking about various things in our life, so we didn’t think much about it… but an hour passed and she never returned with our bills. The waitress kept looking over at us but refused to come over. My fiancé ended up having to go up to the lady at the register to have her generate our bills. She brought them to us, and apologized. We took up our bills and paid, and the cashier apologized profusely. She gave us a card that gave us a free drink with a purchse of $8. Clearly, wasn’t what we were looking for but we weren’t going to take it out on her, as she had nothing to do with it.

So I’ve decided because I can’t stand wasting energy on arguing and yelling. So I decided to post my review and feelings. I may give them a chance again sometime, but it won’t be any time soon. I will continue with Cora’s in Clayton Park, because their staff is always awesome and I have never had any negative experience with them.

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