}014{ -R03- LUSH cocktail (Ma Honey Bee Island)

So over the weekend I decided to do my first bath cocktail! This one included the following items:- Honey Bee Bath Bomb
– Floating Island Bath Melt
– Ma Bar Bubble Bar.

The Honey Bee Bath Bomb sizzles pleasantly as soon as it hits the water. The water turns a faint yellow after awhile. It has a very light but sweet smell. The Floating Island Bath Melt (1/3rd of the actual size because I cut them up) took about 10 minutes to fully dissolve. The Ma Bar just added to the sweet delightful smell… it added some light bubbles.

I enjoyed this cocktail, and sincerely apologize for the delay in getting this posted. I had become sick and my new shifts have left me exhausted. I’ve got a few more to post so new update soon!

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