}018{ A Very Sad Birthday

Those of you who have read my blog, understand that I’ve lost someone very important to me last year. This is her first birthday I won’t get to spend with her. How I feel about this – I’m not really sure yet… It still feels so strange to have her not around.There was something I promised her when I was little… We had watched a Hallmark commercial with a little girl reading a poem to her grandfather on his birthday. I swore I would remember it when I was older, and recite it to her when she was 75. This was the poem:

It’s Your Birthday and You’re Seventy Five
Some People Wonder How You’re Still Alive
Even Though it’s Not Your Grumpy Style
Happy Birthday, Would It Kill You to Smile

Although you are passed on, I still miss you and find it hard to believe you are no longer in my life. I love you forever, Nan. You helped mold me into who I am today. xoxox

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