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It truly touches my heart that my last blog received so much attention. I hope that everyone will continue to support me in any way possible and help me and Dale reach, and exceed, our goals for the Relay For Life! I’ve gone a head and added a links section beside my blog. This currently contains the links to both Dale’s and my Relay For Life pages, Tina’s Tigers’ Facebook page, and the relay for life page.Dale and I look forward to helping out the group as much as possible! Dale is looking at completing a couple events for this page! If we can set something up, we would like to do a 24 hour gaming stream to raise funds for Relay For Life. He is also thinking about setting up tiers for how much money he can raise and will shave/wax his body depending on it. I will keep everyone posted on what is happening!

I will also have some interesting posts coming up soon! One will be personal and probably awkward knowing me and the other will be leading into more posts! Keep an eye out, they should be coming soon!

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