}024{ Piercings!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like piercings! I currently have my lobes pierced 3 times, left daith pierced, industrial piercing in my right, right nostril pierced, right eyebrow, and spiderbites on the left side of my lip (two lip piercings). I’ve never been huge on stretching, but I’m in the process of stretching my bottom lobe piercing (currently 10g).

(daith & 3 lobe piercings)
(spiderbites – 2 lip)
(Industrial & 3 lobe) 

I’m looking at writing individual posts regarding piercings and how they were to get, and how they heal. I’ve had my lobe piercings for so long and done with a gun (which I would never do again), so I won’t be able to make a post about them – it would be the most boring post anyways ;)

I’m going to set up a poll shortly that will allow my viewers to choose what piercing I talk about! My friend who has had her conch pierced is willing to discuss her piercing so far as well. Probably better to wait on that one since it’s only been a week. So your options will be nostril, lip (spiderbites), daith, industrial, eyebrow, stretching, and conch.
I’ll forewarn everyone that I’m ENTIRELY new to stretching, and only know what I’ve been through and I don’t plan on stretching too large. I only plan on going to 4g. I’m hoping to get more piercings coming up and if I do, I’ll make sure I write from the beginning of it so you can follow the whole process! Please be sure to vote as soon as the poll is up, an I will be sure to make a post about the one with the most votes within the month!

Stay tuned!

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