}026{ Spider Bites (double lip piercing)

I’m trying to compensate for the lack of any posts in October and November, so I’ve got a second post for you in December! I hope to be able to get back to writing at least once a month. I have plenty of piercings and my tattoo to talk about. As well as product reviews from LUSH and Sephora! However, lets get to this weeks featured presentation!As my piercing addiction became apparently, I decided that in July 2010, I would return to Adept Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio to have my lip pierced in the “Spider Bite” style. What this means is, I have two lip piercings that are close together on the same side of the lip. This should not be confused with “Snake Bites” which is when you have one on each side of your mouth.

When I had my lip piercing done, it was completed by Chris “SkullKing”. I went in and had asked for Spider Bites, but he had marked me for Snake Bites, I had him correct it and was happy with the placement. This were pierced with needles and forceps. He pierced both holes and had the needles in my lip, then slipped in 16g labrets to heal. H2Ocean saline mouthwash was suggested for healing, and no dairy/yogurt for four months. The piercing wasn’t bad at all, it was a pinch sensation and then just a lot of pressure.

Healing wasn’t bad, but I often ended up biting the backs of the labrets which would send a shock of pain through my teeth and lip. This was just due to the posts being long for healing. I ended up getting them switched out for hoops, and had no problems from there. It took about a year before switching from hoops to labrets and vice-versa was comfortable. I have no issues changing between them now. My largest issue with these piercings, was that I would often lose the balls/spikes off my labrets/horseshoes. I ended up getting Bioplast internally threaded pieces from Ardenes or Claire’s. These were my favorite, because I never lost the pieces.

Finally, I decided I needed a change (mainly so I would stop chewing the backs of my labrets) and decided to change to invest in titanium segment rings for my lip.They’re the most comfortable pieces I’ve had in there and can be anodized. I purchased them at Classy Tattoo Co (also where I got my titanium nose hoop) where my piercer Amanda Ferrish works. (She ended up getting an anodizing machine, and has been working on anodizing jewellery!)


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