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First off – Happy New Year! I decided I wanted 2014 to start off well, so I had this blog set up and ready to post on January 1st. I would have committed to just writing it “today” but I am working, and just wanted to make sure this happened!

Let us begin with the tale of how this all began. I had decided in 2012 after my Grandmother died to get a tattoo. My friend had just had hers done by a place near her work called Classy Tattoo Co. She had suggested Al Ferrish as the tattoo artist. I came up with a design and popped in, and had it done. I was in love with this shop, and kept it in my mind. Al’s wife, Amanda, is the piercer there. (It’s also their business!) I knew I would want more piercings, but wasn’t sure what I wanted. I figured when I knew, I would come back and get my next piercing there to give it a shot. I had no loyalty to any particular piercer, as Amber was best known for her Tattoos and “Skull King” was no longer at Adept. I also hadn’t learned how fabulous it is to have a piercer you go to.

So I debated if I wanted my daith pierced, or to get an industrial styled piercing done… I eventually decided on both. Found out pricing, grabbed my friend & co-worker Amanda (who had her rook pierced), and booked a time with Amanda.
The piercing was done on May 31st 2013. This piercing was done with a (curved) needle and forceps. The piercing itself didn’t hurt to happen, I don’t really remember feeling the piercing, only the numbing sensation of having forceps on that location of my ear. I remember that it had a largely burning sensation until I made it out of the shop when it felt very cool. This piercing was done as a 16g with a curved barbell. This was for the a couple months my favorite piercing to have had done. It seemed to heal really easy, and didn’t bother me at all. It did eventually flair up, and I can’t wear earbuds with the barbell in place. I had it changed to a CBR (I won’t lie – I don’t remember when), and it has become much better and I can wear earbuds again. I wouldn’t say it’s 100% healed, because I find it gets cranky sometimes (as most cartilage piercings do)  but I would say it is almost there.
Care for this piercing involved using H2Ocean saline spray. I ended up getting small keloids on either side of the piercing when I had the barbell, but after getting it changed to the CBR they went away quickly. I had tried hot compresses and the aspirin and water mixture to try and heal it too – but due to my rotating schedule I never seemed to be able to take care of it how I needed to to get rid of them.
At this time, I’m currently wearing a 16g stainless steel CBR as my jewellery. I would like to eventually be able to get Le Roi’s Steampunk Femi heart or one of Unbreakable Jewelry’s daith hearts.

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