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Second post of the New Year! I’m trying to ensure that I get to post all my piercings and tattoo(s) in a timely fashion, so that in the future I can hopefully blog about them as they occur!

On another note, this is the week of my birthday! What does this mean, you may ask… It means my dermal piercings and new tattoo should be happening soon!! I haven’t set an exact date – mainly because my birthday plans aren’t clear, and if I end up wanting to swim I can’t have new piercings/tattoos.
It also means, that we’re roughly half a year away from when the Relay For Life takes place. So once again, I’m asking that you consider donating to Dale, my team or myself. Links can be found on the top right side of my blog under “Important to Me”. Dale and I would like to ensure that we can bring some funding to the group as it’s a topic that is important to us. We will also be working on getting in shape for this all night event. I may begin to post updates on this when I can.
Onto what you’re really here for, more piercings! YAY. So, as you read in my previous journal, I had my daith and industrial done at the same time. I had this piercing done because I was am a sucker for heart & arrows and had found the best barbell for this piercing. Unfortunately, I have not been able to obtain one to this date. However, let us actually discuss getting this pierced…
To date, this is my least favorite piercing and 2nd worst piercing experience.It is my least favorite piercing because honestly, they’re super cranky all the time and take forever to heal. To date, it is still healing and it was pierced on May 31st. Second worst piercing experience, because having to have your ear uncurled in the process of a needle going through it is totally uncomfortable. This part had nothing to do with Amanda’s piercing abilities, and is just that I really don’t have ears meant for industrial piercings. She had advised me of the process and the difficulties with my ear type (my cartilage doesn’t curve for very long, and the cartilage doesn’t extend all the way to the edge.)  My industrial is in my right ear, and was pierced at 14g an a straight barbell.
Although the top was the uncomfortable part to have done, the bottom hole was the one that bothered me for about a month. Both holes had keloids, however, the bottom one went away quickly. The top one is slowly going away since the change of my barbell. I’m now wearing a shorter one that looks like a key with a heart on the top. I have only had it changed in the last couple of weeks, and need to keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn’t get worse. Often, due to the cranky nature of them, industrials will flare up if they aren’t ready to be downsized. However, so far so good with my down sizing!


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