}030{ Conch

To continue on with my tales of piercings (and I have several more to come!)… I bring you my conch piercing!

I ended up getting my conch pierced because I liked how it looked and really liked a lot of the options I had to go with. So I went to see Amanda on September 20th 2013 and had my conch pierced as a 14g with a barbell.
As far as pain goes, it wasn’t painful per se… but it felt very uncomfortable. To this day, I would say it is my least favorite experience piercing wise. However, I can easily say it’s probably my piercing that healed the easiest. It never really swelled up or caused pain. Pretty boring as for stories about it!
My friend had a little more issues with hers, but it just seemed like silly things like worrying about it too much and minor bumping. Just had to look after it with easing up on her sea salt sprays, and hot compresses.
I’m just waiting for Amanda to be ready to place an order so I can move in on getting my awesome ANATOMETAL CBR (Captive Bead Ring). I’ll make sure I upload pictures of it once I get it!

Daith & Conch February 2014


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