}032{ Nipple Piercings

Time to discuss my most recent piercing! I’m going to be up front about this now – and I will not be including pictures of my nipple piercings. If you’re interested in seeing what they look like a simple Google Search for “Nipple Piercing Barbel” will show you exactly what I had done. ;)Anyone who knows me, knows I’m very confidential about my body. I am not one for exposing myself, or allowing others to see me in that sort of light. Mainly because I don’t feel like my body is anyone’s business but my own. (This includes doctors, so yeah – I’m usually super personal). So this was a huge step for me, especially since I had a friend with me as well.

One of my friends was moving out of province, and she wanted to get her nostril pierced and I had been back and forth about getting my nipples done. Again, as a not very sexual person (I’m very asexual for those who don’t know) a lot of people had questioned why I wanted to get this done. The only answer I have, and give, is that I wanted them for me. My fiancĂ© isn’t interested in piercings, so it’s not for his benefit, just my own.

The first one wasn’t bad. It wasn’t the worst piercing I’ve ever had, but not my favorite. The second one felt worse than the first – which is apparently the usual case! Would I get them redone if something happened? Probably not! It wasn’t a bad experience, and I’m glad I did it. However, I feel like if they rejected that it was meant to be a rejection and wouldn’t try again – but who knows what I would do if it happened.

I’m happy with what I’ve had done – mind you I’ve only had it done since January 17th but not too much to complain about. I just went back on 2/14 to have one of the barbels upsized because of being sick I had some super crankiness and a small white bump form. Which had been partially drained, and ended up popping when the new barbel was inserted. Outside of that, I barely notice them. They’re pierced as 14g

If it’s something you’re considering, talk to your piercer! Make sure you’re comfortable with them, and that they will answer any of your concerns. If you don’t have a piercer, find one with good reviews. Stop in, ask questions, see how you feel. Only do what you feel is right for you!

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