}038{ Nose Piercing (2.0!)

As of April 14th, I have had my left nostril pierced! I had it pierced with 18g NeoMetal threadless labret post with a 3mm Peacock Opal cabochon gem end. Of course, I had this done by Amanda at Classy Tattoo Company!

Now, I went into this forgetting what it was really like to have my nose pierced before and was concerned it would hurt more than I remembered. Mainly, because my recent friends have had issues with theirs hurting. Usually I don’t have this anxiety about piercings, as I’ve had so many of them done. I wasn’t nervous to have it done though.

I discovered that my nostril is very ticklish on the inside. Poor Amanda was trying to line up the receiving tube and I am trying very hard not to laugh. When she actually pierced I was so sidetracked by the tickling, I wasn’t paying enough attention to trying to not scrunch my nose and did scrunch it up a bit. She did a good job on trying to control it and was upset it may not sit properly. I told her not to worry about it because it’s my fault if it doesn’t sit properly. Plus, if I take it out after it heals and wear a hoop for a bit, it should fix everything anyway.

So, here is are beautiful pictures taken by Amanda (taken from their Facebook page).

And here are my piercings visible together:

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