}039{ Dermal Rejection

Sadly on Tuesday April 15th, I lost one of my dermals. I had arrived at work and noticed that it looked like I could visibly see the base trying to stick out of my skin. I checked with Amanda to ensure I could pop in to have her take a look at it.

Unfortunately, it had been on the border of popping half out of my face. She gave me the option of having it removed or seeing if it pops out itself. I decided to just have her remove it, so that I didn’t accidentally catch it while I was at work.

Since it was on its way out, she was able to easily just pop half of it out, and only had to cut a small amount of skin to get the other half out. It was quick and didn’t even really hurt. It stung a little for a bit, but after that it was fine.

The hole was gone within a day or so, but I just continued to cut the little round bandages so that it would sit near my other dermal fine. Sprayed the bandages with a bit of my H2Ocean to keep it moist and it’s on the road to recovery!

I had picked up some Lavender Essential Oil to put on it as well, as it is suggested in helping healing so that it isn’t as scarred. It seems to be working, and I don’t mind the smell!

Here is the hole the night it was removed:

And here’s the hole this week:

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