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At the beginning of this month, I was super excited to receive notification that I had been selected for a survey to be considered for the #imPRESSManicure VoxBox from Influenster! A few days later I received confirmation I was in and should receive it. I received it within 1-2 business days, and received my shipment confirmation the same day I received it!

Here’s the lovely little box I received and the items inside. The one on the right is Evil Queen, the left is Hottie.

So anyone who follows me on any other outlet, will know that I currently have Bio Liquid nails, and could not put these on myself at this time. So I had to find a willing victim to let me try them since they were provide for trial and review purposes.

My friend and co-worker Dawn, let me use her as a guinea pig and chose the Evil Queen nails. I decided I would do a video by Vine – which apparently I don’t know how to use because I sent it as a direct message link and as a result, it can’t be viewed any further. :D

So here’s a picture of how it turned out:

They were easy-ish to apply. I had some trouble taking the backs off with my nails and she had trouble taking it off the smaller ones. They adhere really quickly and don’t seem easy to come off. We had an issue where we noticed a second too late that the nail was a bit crooked and couldn’t really move it because it was stuck on so well.

Basically, the way to proceed with these is as follows:

Open up the bottle and fit yourself with the most accurate nails. Laying them out in order as you find the ones that fit.
Use the included alcohol swab and rub over the nails, peel the plastic tab off, and align it to your nail.
Once satisfied with placing, press down and do this motion up the nail, and on the sides.
Afterwards, enjoy the delightful mani you now have in mere minutes!

I’m sorry I lost the video for us doing this – it cracked me up and I found it very funny. If anyone knows how to rip the video from a vine private message and wants to let me know, I will definitely get it uploaded.

Otherwise, please enjoy this video of my unboxing this awesome box!

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