}050{ Tongue Piercing

So for a long time, I decided that I didn’t like tongue piercings. Mainly because they scared me. Back when they were really popular was when piercings were new to me, and there were lots of ‘dangers’ about them. But recently, I was really thinking about getting either a double tongue piercing or venom. I didn’t figure I could get a venom because of where my tongue sits in my mouth, so I had my piercer take a look and see if I could do a double tongue piercing. She said I could, but one would be really close to the tip of my tongue. I haven’t decided yet if that is for me.

The day I had my tongue pierced I didn’t eat much. It was really hard to eat, and so I just drank a lot of water. Day two I tried to eat a honey avocado salad, miso soup, and tempura shrimp. Soup was fine, just cooled it off with some ice cubes, tempura shrimp was hard but not impossible, but I couldn’t do the salad. Supper was chicken, mashed potatoes and salad. Once again, the salad was too awkward to eat. Late that night I learned I could eat dips like no other, and consumed a lot of crab dip and cranberry & apple walnut cheeseball! Nomnomnom!

Day three (yesterday), I had bacon for brunch. Supper consisted of hot dog, sausages, mashed potatoes, brusel sprouts, and string beans. I ate it all gloriously. My tongue is significantly less swollen, and things are getting easier. I find the most awkward part is the bottom of my tongue where the barbell catches everything down there.

Talking is getting easier, and I anticipate being fine for work. I can’t wait to downgrade. Between 2-4weeks, but life will be better.

Here are some comparison pictures for you:

Day one

Day two

Day three










You can see the difference of swelling from each day in these pictures. They’re not the most attractive pictures, but when you’re tongue is bruised and swollen, there is no nice way to take pictures of your tongue.

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