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So, I had applied for Candy Japan‘s blog sampler. I didn’t figure I would get it since my blog is still kinda newish and really needs a make over, so I paid for a subscription too. [On the note of needing a make over, if you know anyone who would be interested in working with me on a commissioned update for my WordPress – please send a note to me on Facebook with contact information!]

To my surprise, I got confirmation of both my shipment and a blogger shipment. This was helpful, because I could eat them before I did the ‘unboxing’ and had some words to provide about it. The video can be seen here:


So what was included in this shipment? Well here’s a picture:

Super Mario Gummies

Let me start off saying, I’m not big on cola flavored candies. I didn’t read the description of the flavor before I ate them, because I was like I LOVE GUMMIES. However, I was pleasantly surprised that these ones stated decent. They remind me of the pop bottle candies that we had as kids (80’s-90’s kids may remember them). The biggest fault that usually happens to cola candies, is they taste like flat cola. These do not. They had a very nice flavor and I did enjoy them. They came in different shapes, like Mario’s head, coins, ? blocks, stars, etc.

Honey Kumquat Candies

Jellies… They’re hit or miss. I was scared to try them, but when I looked at them they reminded me of fuzzy peaches. However, they are nothing like them. The consistency is much different (almost smoother/creamier) and sent my tasted buds on a crazy train. They tasted great and, although they say they’re supposed to be sweet & sour, I didn’t find them sour at all. The inside is almost like liquid, and it confused my mouth. I would eat these for hours and get sick. This is my love of candy.

Salted Milk Caramel

This is the softest caramel candy I have ever been graced to put in my mouth. They’re not salty at all, and are extremely creamy. I shared them with all my co-workers who loved them. I hope I can find these locally so I can pick up some more! (I’m coming for you Heiwa Oriental Market!)


Over all, I absolutely loved this. Do I feel like the $25 price is appropriate for it? I’m not sure. I know shipping internationally is terribly expensive, and with that in mind it probably is worth every penny. I’m going to keep with it for now, and see what the future brings and bring you more blogs about it in the future. I suggest hoping over to their page and making sure that you at least give them a shot. I can’t wait to see what comes later this month!

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