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I’m sorry for being absent lately. I’ve been in a rut for writing and I know my normal stuff isn’t great, but I really didn’t want to write when it was forced. So it has taken me some time to feel as though I want to write and to figure out what to write about.

I figure I’ll give you a little heads up about what I want to write about in the future.

1. My recent Candy Japan order.
2. Diva Cups
3. Eyeko – Skinny Mascara (and liner probably!)

These will happen whenever I have the motivation to write it. I feel like it’s some diverse topics and gives some insight on different products. I really want to get into product reviews more so you guys have a feel for what I think are good products and things I think you guys should be looking into!

So, without further ado, I want to talk about my experiences with Hot Yoga. Last month (July) I received a 10 free class pass to Bikram from GetGifted. I’ve always wanted to go to Yoga, and Hot Yoga always sounded so interesting to me. So this opportunity for 10 free classes (which due to my work schedule I didn’t get to use up) was wonderful. Gave me a look into the class and if I could survive it. I’ve since joined Moksha to try out their style to figure out which style I like more. So I’d like to go over the two different styles and in the end let you know which one is my preference.

First off, their staff is friendly and awesome. I had the pleasure of taking classes with Kristin and Damien. They were both fantastic and tried to provide tips on how to more fully do the pose. Their studio is always clean and beautiful and spacious. There are windows in the studio itself. The actually classes have the teacher at the front of the class room on a little stage where they verbally walk you through the positions and have you rely on other students in the front of class to see how the positions should look. They will provide tips and tricks if you’re struggling. It goes through 26 poses, and usually done in repetition. You can view the postures and their description here. This class feels almost like a boot camp, always trying to get you to push your limits.

Again, awesome staff and teachers. I’ve only gone two classes so far, but one was with Natalie and one was with Chantal. Their building is beautiful and brightly colored, the inside is very cosy but not small. Very welcoming. There are no windows in their studio. The lights are adjustable, but always seem very dim (relaxing) and during savasana the lights are practically off. It creates such a calming and relaxing environment. Talking is also not prohibited in the studio. Since it’s so calm and quiet you find yourself having a hard time remaining conscious it’s so relaxed. The teachers here will show you the poses, and come adjust you as necessary to help you out. They also give tips and suggestions on changing your stances. They encourage you to try for that last push towards the end, but are constantly letting you know not to worry about what the pose looks like, as its about doing the pose to your ability. You can see all 40 poses here.

I’ve done a handful of classes at Bikram, but only a two at Moksha so far. However, at this time I believe the flowing-style of Moksha is more my pace. I feel much more challenged with Moksha because of having to try and move from one position to another. The holding of positions for long times also is hard for me. However, I truly believe the more often I do this, the strong my entire body will get. So do I think one is better than the other? Probably not! It would be all personal preference to styles and teaching. I would suggest if you had an opportunity to try both that it would be best to try them each and make a decision for yourself.

As always, let me know if you have any questions! I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability or will investigate to find out!

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