}060{ Septum Piercings

Woooo! Post #60! And what’s this? another piercing post? The last one was post #50! Are you excited? We all know how much I love me some piercings.

So lets talk septum piercings shall I? They’ve never been my favorite piercing. Mainly because I’ve never liked looking like a bull and a lot of times it isn’t suited for everyone.

So I fell in love with jewelry for a septum piercing. I hummed and hawed over it for sometime, but decided to go for it.

Getting pierced, was awkward. You know nobody wants to have to look up your nose for any reason, and then you make them do it anyways. The septum is a pretty sensitive area and the ability to pierce it is based completely on anatomy. If you are considering one, please be sure to visit your local reputable piercer, and have them check for anatomy and ask for how jewelry would fit. Make sure you’re happy with it before you get it done.

Amanda marked my nose (it’s a ticklish feeling), and then sat different size rings in my nose so I could see what I thought before I actually went ahead and had her do the piercing. For the piercing, she clamped my septum, and pierced it with a needle. I chose the piercing at 14g. I selected a circular barbell for my initial jewelry.

Every piercer is going to have their own style of piercing septums. Some have you lie down, some have you sitting, some will use receiving tubes, others will use clamps. If you’re curious about how your piercer will do them, ask! Make sure you’re comfortable with their tools. This will make sure you’re comfortable with the process. I’ve always been one to tell people to watch videos and make sure they’re informed before they proceed. Look up the piercer you’re going to go to, check reviews, make sure you will be happy with who is looking after you.

I had this piercing done on August 16th, 2014th. So I haven’t had it very long. So far, it’s been pretty easy to deal with. The first few days my nose was really sensitive. I generally wear it flipped inside my nose, because I don’t like having low hanging jewelry in my nose. Pain of the piercing, it’s hard to say. Honestly, at that time my mind was telling me it was the most painful thing ever. But after epiploic appendagitis, everything piercing wise is pretty easy. So far the healing has been easy. It doesn’t hurt any more, and is only sensitive if I push directly where the piercing is on the outside of my nose. Where it’s a circular barbel, it moves freely so sometimes it can get bugged if there’s hard snot/fluid on it. So I try to clean it as much as possible.

Words of advice, don’t try to quickly kiss anyone. I tried to give my fiancé a quick peck on the lips and ended up just gently touching my nose to his the first day I had it, and almost doubled over in pain. It’s not a pleasant experience. So take my advice, and be careful with your nose for the first bit.

And here’s the picture:

And the jewelry I fell in love with? An expensive clicker from Industrial Strength! Can’t wait to order it and have it in my face.

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