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Hi guys!

I hope you’re all as excited as I am to be able to write about Seawind Landing again. Although I was sick (no voice, and developed into a gross cough) and Dale seems to have come down with tonsillitis on our full day there, we had a great time. We imagine that it would have been ten times as fun if we could have had the energy to do much outside of just existing.

So the whole trip started with us picking up our car from Enterprise on Friday (August 29th) at 10am. We ended up getting a FIAT, which is a car we hadn’t rented before. It wasn’t too bad for being such a compact car. I personally would rather a bit more space, but if it was just one or two people constantly it would be great. We had to run a few errands, and make sure Freya was set for food and water before we left.

We arrived at Seawind Landing around 3pm, and checked in. We were warm-heartedly welcomed back and greeted by Emmy Lou (their Bermese Mountain Dog). Our first night was spent in their ‘Driftwood’ Room. This room faces the North and East. We had a beautiful view.

Dinner doesn’t start until 6, so we figured we’d probably be over around 7pm. I decided I wanted to be able to take a picture with Dale and I. So we were going to take a quick trip (not really that quick) to Antigonish to check Walmart for a wireless remote for my camera. I couldn’t get their website to give me any information, but I eventually found that Future Shop had a kit for Canon cameras it included:

Canon 50mm EF lens
Lens cap E-52
Lens dust cap E
Manfrotto MKC3-H01 tripod
Gary Fong Puffer Pop-up Flash Diffuser
RC-6 remote
600SR sling bag

This was a fair bit of money for me since all I really wanted was the RC-6 remote. However, I didn’t have the 50mm lens and was interested in getting more lenses eventually anyway, and the tripod is much nicer than the cheap one I purchased off ebay forever ago. The sling bag was about the only item that wasn’t really necessary as I have a a nice bag already.

I was, however, hoping they had stock of the other kit which was just the lens, a tripod and the remote, but it wasn’t in stock. So we ventured to New Glasgow to go to Future Shop. It was only an extra 30 mins, so we were like we’ll make it back just after 7. However, for whatever reason, the way back took about an hour longer than the trip there. We ended up not getting back until after 8pm. We sauntered in and they got us set up for dinner.

Dale and I decided on having exactly the same food:

Strawberry Spinach Salad – which if you read my last trip this is the most amazing salad ever. Kings would be fed this salad.

Filet Mignon – this was so good. We asked for Medium/Rare and it looked spot on. It just melted in your mouth. It was purely amazing.

Bailey’s infused Crème Brûlée – this was just as delicious as last time. However, it is very sweet and rich.

Afterwards we got our first introduction to Bunbun, and held him for some time before making our way to our hotel room. Where I took a lush-alicious bath. Then relaxed with Dale and watched some crazy show on the Food Network.

We got up around 8 the next day to shower and make our way down for breakfast.

I couldn’t turn down the Blueberry & Cream Cheese stuffed french toast and Dale decided to have the Captain’s Choice.


Afterwards, we went and packed up our room, as we needed to switch. We decided to go out for a drive and get some gas. So we made our way to Guysborough to get gas, then went to Tor Bay (as per Ann Marie’s suggestion) with our packed lunch. Was a nice simple ham and cheese sandwich lunch (which I didn’t take a picture of, sorry!) with some grapes and chocolate chip cookies. We walked down to the beach area and got some pictures but the bugs were out full force and decided to head back to the car and eat there. Afterwards, we made our way back since we had killed a few hours.

We got checked into our new room, which is part of the main building, called the Captain’s Quarters. It has a beautiful view of the water and a spacious design. We hung around in the main lobby to chill with Emmy Lou and chat with Dave and Ann Marie as they had spare time. And as they were cleaning Bunbun’s cage, I got to be the bunny babysitter! He’s so soft and cute and the licking is none stop. Too cute.

Afterwards, we made our way upstairs and laid down and watched Simpsons and Chopped until 8pm, when we decided it would be a good time to try and eat. Unfortunately, where I was feeling unwell I did not take any pictures of our dinner.

Dale had the potato leak soup and I couldn’t tear myself away from the salad. We both decided to get the Chicken stuffed with ham and swiss cheese. It was really delicious. Dave had hooked us up with a Rum and Coke for Dale, and a Sweet Jane (I think that’s what he called it) for myself. Dale ended up not feeling well and needed to stop eating, so we didn’t do dessert that night.

After the meal, we headed upstairs to relax. Since we were both ache from our illness, we each took a lush-alicious baths. We then continued to watch Chopped until we went to bed. It was a bittersweet evening, knowing we had to go home the next day.

Breakfast rolled around, and we had exactly the same thing as the day before. Because, if it’s delicious why change?

Afterwards, we waited until they were able to check us out, and said our goodbyes. We then made our way to the city. We got home around 12:45pm, and filled up the car and cleaned her off and took her back.

All in all, the trip was still fabulous. We really enjoy the area and talking with Dave and Marie. We definitely plan to go back again sometime. They’re such wonderful people, I always miss not getting to see them. At least I can keep in touch over Facebook!

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