}062{ Candy Japan – Finale

So I received my final Candy Japan order and decided I would write about the previous one and this one together. This is my final box as I’ve cancelled the subscription so I could try out other Japanese candy such as Kawaii Supplies. I’ll probably go through a few or pick up one at random when I can afford it from here on out. I just want to make sure I’m getting what I feel is the best deal and what I enjoy the most.

Let’s start off with the one that was sent early July and I believe I received in the beginning of August.

Pickled Plum and Basil Pretzels
These were kind of offensive. I had no idea what to expect when I put it in my mouth, but I just couldn’t handle these. They’re very strongly sour in taste, but they left a weird after taste that I didn’t like at all. A had a couple people at work who liked them and others who didn’t like them. I’m going to say its a very acquired taste.

Kumamoto Banpeiyu Puccho
These are sweet yet tart, they remind me of grapefruit. I’d eat them again for sure!

The second box I received was from the end of July and I received it the last week of August.

Pretz – Honey Roasted Pretzels
These are one of my favorite things ever. I really enjoy pretzels that are lightly sweetened. I’ll probably pick up more of these once they come back in stock from CandySan.

Fun Sushi Shop
This was a lot of fun to play with. Everything did taste like grape, even the ‘nori’. I would probably buy this again to have a ‘sushi making’ party with some of my friends.

You also get to watch me make this mess, check it out here:

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