}064{ Kawaii Supplies – August 2014

Once again, my better judgement was not here. I decided since we weren’t going to be home for a couple days that I couldn’t wait to film my unboxing and went straight to eating the candy. So, all you’re getting this time is a description of the items and my thoughts. I promise I won’t be so selfish next time!

So I’m just going to go down through these items as they were listed on the paper. Images that I was able to find, may not be exact to what I received.

Shijou Saikyou Gummy Chou Himo Q

This was a 126cm long cola and soda flavored gummy. It tasted like must cola/soda flavored candies.

It’s a chocolate coated cookie stick. They remind me a bit of pocky. They’re pretty tasty.

Kome Karintou

This is a rice cracker snack. They’re pretty tasty. They remind me of something I’ve eaten before, but I can’t place it. They remind me a bit of sesame crackers too.

Yogurt Jelly

This was like a jelly stick. I had two of them, one was pink and one was blue. I don’t honestly remember what they tasted like. They were good from what I remember, but it was a very gelatin style


This is a crispy thin wafer cookie with a vanilla center. It was just like eating those pink wafer cookies. The vanilla icing center is very smooth and tasty. It wasn’t overly sweet which was nice.


Green apple flavored cotton candy that has pop rocks in it. This was fun and nice to eat! I love cotton candy and now I just want all the green apple cotton candy I can find.

Yon biki no koguma gummy

These are just little gummy bears. They resemble regular gummy bears, they each had a slightly different flavor.

1-2-3 Snack

These were cheese flavored cracker sticks. They were just like eating cheese crackers.

Mitsuya Cider

This is supposed to be a cider flavored candy. It doesn’t tasty like cider to me, but it does make my tongue tingle. It’s pretty interesting. I’d probably eat these again.

Fukuoka amaiuchi ichigo langue de chat

This was a crispy cookie with a strawberry center. It was really nice, although a bit on that really fake strawberry flavor. I’d eat it again.

Ichigo Mugikko

These are also a very fake strawberry taste, but they weren’t bad. It’s strawberry coating over chocolate with a wheat/crunch center.

Kinako Bou

This is basically just like chewy soybean. I do not enjoy this

Kibi Dango

It’s a rice paper coated candy stick. It wasn’t very good, it was too dry for me.

Aji Shirabe

These are rice crackers with a powder coating. They weren’t bad. They reminded me of every other rice cracker I’ve ever had.


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