}069{ Candysan – September 2014 Order

Why hello! Welcome to another exciting adventure of ‘Manda has received Candy and lovely items and is going to share with you!

First off, please check out my unboxing video here:

Now, let us discuss what was in this box and how it was!

Pokemon Curry – Petits Packs
I haven’t had a chance to try these yet, but I can’t see them being any thing but delicious. When I have a chance to try them I will follow up with updates on their deliciousness.

Kokumaro Curry – Mild
I’ve recently discovered my love of Indian curry, and have wanted to grab some Japanese curry for some time. One of my local restaurants makes it, but only at lunch time and I’m working then, sadly! So I bought this to try and make my own. While it’s more time consuming than some things, it is totally worth the final product. It is so delicious and a mixture of sweet and spicy. My fiancé fought hard on trying this because he wasn’t ‘insane about curry’ like I was. But when he tried it, he fell in love with it! He couldn’t stop talking about it. So I’m definitely going to be picking up more of this. It makes so much food, and it can be refrigerated for 1-3 days, and frozen for a month!

Cup Noodle – Curry
This was way better than I expected! The flavoring is amazing and it is so filling. If I had these available all the time, I could never go back to the noodle cups we have here!

Umaitama – Chocolat
These were delicious! They’re little balls of flaky pastry goodness filled with chocolate. I really loved these and can’t wait to order more! They remind me of cream puffs.

Umaibo – Sugar Rusk
These are tasty! I’m not sure I’d order this one again though! Although it was very tasty and enjoyable to eat, it simply was weird. It was like eating buttery version of Corn Pops.

Mochi Chocolat – Ganache
The texture of these are kinda weird, but they actually taste really nice. I could probably just shovel them into my face for hours… I’m a terrible person when it comes to food, I just want to eat it all constantly.

Choco Cornets
These were a bit difficult to make! I think I added too much water and they were overly sticky so they didn’t roll out as well as they should and stuck to the paper. The chocolate filling as nice, and I think I’d like to try these again!

Watch me make them:

Country Ma’am – Hello Kitty
These are delicious! They’re soft, and the flavors are exactly what you’d think they taste like. I would like 10 more boxes. I accept donations of them! ;)

Pretz honey
As per the last time I got these, I love them. I bought them for that reason. Pretzels with a nice slight honey flavor!

Hello Kitty Bento Set
This is so cute! It isn’t very big, but with how I’m working towards eating, it will be perfect! I can’t wait to make a delicious meal to take in it!

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