}070{ Pantene Pro V Ultimate 10

So I had signed up with BzzAgent and was delighted to receive an invite to a campaign almost immediately! Now, I won’t lie – I used to use Pantene back in the day, but my hair ended up feeling like straw after awhile and I heard it was even bad for your hair.

I decided, this was a new chance to try Pantene again and see if they’ve changed any. So, I received 3 free full items:

BB Shampoo
BB Conditioner
BB Crème

First off, I decided to give the Crème a shot first. That way I could judge it by itself, and not with anything additional. It made my hair super shiny, but also felt really heavy on my hair. It made my hair feel greasy the next day, and left my hair feeling cold. It doesn’t seem like a product I would use normally. It doesn’t do anything too special to my hair and I just don’t like how it feels.

I then decided to try the shampoo on its own. It has a nice smell, but that usually nice soft clean feeling my hair has after I rinse the soap out of my hair wasn’t there. It was heavy and dense feeling. I figured it would probably improve once it dried. After it dried it looked nice and clean. However, it still felt heavy and it made my hair really flat because of it. It didn’t stay clean very long, usually my hair can go upwards of 2-3 days before starting to look and feel dirty. I barely got a day out of it before my hair just was back to needing to be washed.

Almost afraid, I decided to do my final wash with with the conditioner as well. After applying the conditioner, my hair felt really smooth and nice as it usually does when I wash it. My hair was a bit frizzier than usual, but more tame than when I just used the shampoo. However, it really seems to dry my hair out. I probably wouldn’t use this product again, just because I’ve had better success with other conditioners, or shampoos with no conditioners.

I think it may just be my hair, since it seems others have had a lot of success with these products. I honestly will not be using the products again and will be providing them to a friend who has had no issues using Pantene and enjoys their products. My suggestion is if you’re interested, try it out. Just know that everyone’s hair is different and reacts differently. If you still want to give it a shot, be sure to check out the site below for some Pantene coupons:


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