}071{ Nature Box Canada – September 2014

So September’s NatureBox was lost in transit, so I was fairly late receiving this month’s box. I was hoping to have this reviewed already for you guys, but what can you do!

Before I get into this box, I want to explain how much NatureBox’s customer service rocks. I called and got to speak with one of their representatives Stephanie. Well Stephanie was very apologetic and didn’t waste any time looking into the issue for me. She was very thorough and provided me as much detail as she could. She let me know the original may show up still, but she is unable to track it as tracking has failed to update. She issued a replacement order immediately and I advised I would contact them back if I received the duplicate. She also gave me a credit for my next order just for the inconvenience.

I went into this call not knowing what to expect. Generally customer service and me don’t get along. Mainly because of my job and knowing what it’s like to provide good customer service. Not everyone will feel that’s what provided, but I always do what I can for customers. So going into this, I was expecting to be told I have to wait so long to be considered lost and have to call back and deal with it at a later time. All I wanted was to know my package was going to arrive or that a replacement was on the way. Stephanie went above and beyond this, and I’m not even saying that because she gave me a credit. Credits are nice, but they aren’t important. It was just her attitude and her customer service skills. So, way to go Stephanie! I hope that my social media kudos and hopefully this get back to you.

Now.. the unboxing!

Now, on to those delicious treats… This month we have:

Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps
These are good, though not my favorite from this box. I could eat them in small quantities, but that would be it.

Ancient Grains Granola
Granola is my favorite thing ever. I’ve eaten the whole bag already. The hubby isn’t fond of it, so it became my personal treat!

Apple Cinnamon Crave
This is delicious. It’s like a fruity trail mix. Unfortunately, I knew this would be the fiancé’s favorite, so I left it for him. Which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Santa Fe Corn Sticks
I absolutely adore the subtle heat of these guys! They’re perfect and I wish I had several bags of this.

Flax Fortune Coins
These are purely amazing. My love of Fortune Cookies has lived for many years, but the fact that these are healthy versions make it even better! Someone could bury me alive ni those and I would be happy… that is until I ate my way out because they taste just like fortune cookies!

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