}072{ Kawaii Supplies – October 2014

I’m so sorry for the lack of an update the past couple weeks! I wasn’t feeling the best and had been super busy! It doesn’t help that there was a delay in shipment of Kawaii Supplies this month so I didn’t receive it until this week. As well as receiving Ipsy, Top Box, Naturebox and Nerd Block this week as well! I’m going to be spacing the blogs out over the next couple weeks so that you guys aren’t left without something posted from me! Plus we’ll have a special feature for Arcade Block this month as well! Keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube Channel though! I’ll be posting the unboxing videos as soon as I’m done recording

Now we bring you, Kawaii Supplies! This tasty month brings us some delicious candy, and some very odd things as well! I apologize, but I’m not sure I’ll actually do unboxing videos for these, since they’re all taped to a piece of paper, it just doesn’t seem as fun since I can’t take them out one at a time. Haha! I did take pictures of everything this time, so I don’t have to search for other people’s images.

So let’s begin!

Morinaga Milk Caramel

There really isn’t anything to say about these. It was just that, a milk caramel.

Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate & Milky Selection

Again, there isn’t much to say about these! It was milk chocolate, and a milk caramel candy. The Milky selection was solid but soft enough that it could be bitten and it was creamy on the inside.

Pop Candy

These are just suckers. They are softer than what you’d find over here, and have a very nice flavor. I received peach (tasted like fuzzy peaches) and orange! Only downfall is my it kept getting stuck to my tongue piercing!

Milk Boro

These are pretty interesting! I first put them in my mouth and bit them. However, chewing them just leaves your mouth feeling dry. If you let them melt, however, you get to experience the creamy center!


This is just a salt caramel. There was nothing different or unique about it.

Mini Chocolates

This was just a milk chocolate square with a bit of biscuit on the inside. It was pretty tasty!

Shiruko Sando & Shidare Sakura

The Shiruko Sando tasted just like fortune cookie! I’m in love! The Shidare Sakura (pictured with a flower) was a nice biscuit that was soft and melted in your mouth. Very light and nice to snack on!


This my friends… was disgusting. I didn’t want to put it in my mouth after reading the ingredients (grated fish meal, squid powder, mirin) but I decided that I would try it because I will usually try anything once! After opening the package, all you can smell is fish. Putting it in my mouth, it was salty and tasted like fish. Took a bit to get that flavor our of my mouth.

ON Chocolate

This is like chocolate bark with fruit ships in it. It’s not bad, but it’s a bit odd. I probably wouldn’t buy it again, but it makes me think of Christmas.

Genji Pie

These little heart shaped cookies are amazing. They’re described as pies, and I can understand. It was like have a lightly glazed pie crust melting in my mouth. Delicious!

Fettuccine Gummy

These were tasty. They were just strips of gummies that tasted like strawberry. They were were a bit tart as well.

Sakutto Kuchidoke

These smelled like peanuts, but resembled sesame crackers. They are pretty good.

Hello Halloween Pumpkin Marshmallow

This cute little guy was so soft and nice. I love marshmallows, but I find them very sickening very quickly. This guy tasted so nice I could eat them forever!

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    Great box! But that Okonomiyaki-san sounds terrible! Thanks for the descriptions!

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