}076{ Nerd Block – October 2014

Hey everyone. So sorry for the lack of updates. I swear I have things coming and there will be a new post tomorrow!

For today, lets enjoy a blog about my old Nerd Block!

Here’s the video:


Included are:
Funko Preview – Unmasked Deadpool This was neat, but not that great. I was sad that it is a grey suit.
Legend of Zelda Dangler – Link Love this! Anything LoZ is my favorite and I’ve got this on display in my display case.
Marvel vs DC pins – Batman, Wolverine, Spiderman, Superman Outside of Superman, these pins are pretty great! Have them on display too!
Avengers – Agent Coulson’s Vintage Captain America Trading Cards I love Agent Coulson… but I can’t deal with Captain America. I knew I would end up with Captain America merchandise when this was announced. So sad.
Arkham Asylum Sticky Notes Loooooove sticky notes! These make me so happy I have them on display. #nerd
Jay & Silent Bob – Batman and Robin This is a’ight. I like that it’s Batman and Robin, but the artwork isn’t my favorite.
Kevin Smith inspired Stickers These are fun, I’ll never use them but they’re fun!

Overall, this was a good Nerd Block, but I was much more excited for it to come than I was after opening it.

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