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Hi everyone! Sorry that there was no post last week! That’ll be made up either tomorrow or next week! The new year didn’t start on the greatest terms for me, I’ve been sick and my great uncle passed away. I’m making it through, I just wish I could not be sick so I can get my butt back to hot yoga! My body feels so out of whack from not getting my stretch on and I know that heat will feel amazing since the cold snap we’ve had.

That’s enough of my whining though! I have Ipsy and Top Box posts in the work, and will I have Birchbox next week! I’ll also get to do a review on my Razer DeathStalker Ultimate keyboard. Which was delivered to my mom’s today! (I took full advantage of the 50% off sale.) I’ve also got a few books to review so I’ll do my best to keep everything as visible as possible. I’m going to be putting up links shortly to my GoodReads’ account so you can check out what I’m reading/working on. I’ve also joined Tomoson & NetGalley recently to try and increase things I can write about.

As many of you know, my birthday just passed. It was a pretty relaxed ordeal. Spent time with Dale and family. Watched tons of anime and played/watched video games. I ended up picking up some items with my birthday money. I can’t really pin point what I spent it on since it wasn’t just handed over as it was. What I believe I focused it on was my set for learning tarot, the crystals and candle I bought, and my boots.

So first and foremost, here are my new beauties:

I usually am not big on buying boots and they’re always very very expensive. However, my mom gave me instructions to buy boots with my birthday money, so it wasn’t so bad! It was tough, I’m very picky because I have to like the style, and the grips have to be up to par. However, these are very nice.

I had also went into the book store just to browse, and noticed some Angel tarot cards. Tarot cards are often very beautiful and alluring to me, so I’m often very interested in picking them up. I then decided to look to see what they had for learning tarot, since I’ve always tried but I find it very overwhelming with the books I had. They had a book that matched to the angel cards, but I didn’t feel quite right with it. I then noticed a set called ‘Easy Tarot: Learn To Read The Cards Once And For All!’ I only picked this one up because I noticed that the cards were by Ciro Marchetti. I have another deck of cards by Ciro that I absolutely love so I felt this would be a decent choice to make. I’m slowly going through the book and using it how they told me to do for the easiest way to learn. Can’t wait to sit down and learn some more with it! So now I own 3 tarot decks (4 if you count the tiny one I have on my desk at work). One which my friend Becca purchased me for my birthday a few years ago, and two I’ve purchased myself. If you’re interested, my two decks by Ciro Marchetti are called Gilded Tarot and Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

As per the recommendation of the book, I picked up some clear quartz crystals and have bathed them in water with sea salt (since I didn’t have access to the sea or natural waterfalls), left the sit in the sun/moon light for a day and now just need to fill them with intent. I forgot them at my mother in law’s (since my apt is not in the view of the sun or moon), so I just need to pick them up. I also picked up a beautiful black semi-opaque cloth with runes and the tree of life on it, a small jar of garnet chips and a candle called ‘Magical Fairy Candle’ in ‘Wisdom’. The candle smells fantastic and I wish I had a bunch more of them! I picked all these lovely items in a store in Dartmouth called ‘Into the Mystic’. Where I travelled to Dartmouth for these things, you can tell I really wanted them!

Here are some pictures of the items:

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