}098{ Treasure Hunt

Wow, I’ve been busy this month… I think! I don’t know where time has gone, but I’m very sorry for the lack of posting! I’ve got a couple videos to edit, and a book to finish and post about. I have invitations to other promotions I’d love to take up! Hopefully I can get through everything to share with you!

Now for the meat of this post! I’m writing about Lady Jenniviere’s Treasure Hunt!

I can’t tell you enough how adorable I find this book. It’s perfect for your kids to read by themselves, or an adventure for you to share! I found this book very captivating and fun to read. I couldn’t put it down. From all the wonderful friends made in the book, to the excitement of looking for the treasure.

I highly suggest picking it up! It’s a good price, and can be found in this locations:


I have a review visible on the Smashwords site, as well my other views can be found in these locations:


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