}108{ A Year Without Food

So I had an opportunity to read A Year Without Food by Ray Maor for free. I was pretty excited, since I had come across the book just before being invited and had wanted to check it out. As someone who has no firm beliefs in a specific religion and am very open to all forms of beliefs and ways of life.

I began reading this book right away, and was captivated by the way of life and the story. I can tell this is definitely something that the majority of people would have a hard time believing.

I think the book and the Breatharian are so fascinating. Perhaps in the future, it could even be a way of life I’d like to experience. Right now, the pleasure of food is part of my journey. I want to taste and experience foods of the world and I’m not ready to give up that kind of adventure yet.

I highly suggest reading this book if you can approach it with an open mind. Understanding that anything is possible, and that a way of life such as this is possible.

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