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Hi everyone! I was able to get my hands on some free snazzy shoelaces from We Love Color! They sent me peach, burgundy, orange, and white. The Peach and Black are thicker where the orange and white are thinner. As you all know, I only provide honest reviews, and wouldn’t suggest something I personally wouldn’t use!
It took a bit for me to actually be able to get some pictures of these shoelaces because I needed to get some new shoes. My old shoes needed replacing and were too gross to actually allow anyone to see on camera. Not to mention it’s not appropriate weather to wear shoes! Damn all this snow!

So the quality of these laces seems great. No real issues. The only thing I wish, is that I could have requested colors of the laces! Outside of black, none are really colors that I would use. If I had of had some pink ones – then they would have stood out nicely on my shoes. White works, and orange could but it’s not really my color. I’d never wear peach. My co-worker asked for the peach ones, and so hopefully she’ll set me up with a picture of her sneakers with those laces!

So I ended up hooking my new black sneakers up with the burgundy ones! They look really snazzy together and I’m kinda stoked about it. Here’s the picture I posted to Instagram of them!

I suggest checking them out:


Let me know what you guys think if you’ve used their products before! I can’t wait to get out with my new sneakers. Just have to wait until all this snow goes away!

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