}115{ Birchbox – April 2015

Can I just start off by telling you guys how much I suck?

I really don’t mean to leave you guys hanging – and I had another post in mind before this, but things have just been busy and technical issues.

I had an issue with my Luxe Box which I was waiting to get resolved (and has been) before recording my video for that, then decide I should just record all the videos together.

Now May is almost over, I have received my May Birch Box & Top Box. Summer Luxe Box is shipping now, and I still haven’t done much!

So without further ado, lets talk about April’s Birchbox!

Here’s the video:

Items for this month:
Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream
I haven’t actually used this product yet, but it smells divine! I enjoyed the last Whish product I received, I just don’t use shaving cream very often. So I think I’ll try this out soon!

Mèreadesso® All-In-One Moisturizer
I’ve used this before, and I don’t like it’s consistency. I’m going to most likely give this to one of my friends.

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash – Bathing with Sharks
I was excited for this, because some of the scents sounded really nice. However, the scent I received was the one I was really hoping I didn’t get. It reminds me a bit of Old Spice, which I love, but not quite. It smells more like a “boy” scent. Something you’d want to smell off your significant other more so than yourself.

Benefit Roller Lash
I really love Roller Lash! I received one in another box (Top Box I believe!) and I have a few people interested in this. Waiting for some confirmation before proceeding.

Jelly Pong Pong GLOW GETTER Highlighter
This is a nice color, it looks really dark but it blends nicely with my skin tone. Gives a nice shimmer. I’d add it more for a night out, than as a highlighter though.

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