}116{ Bar Brat Ice Ball Maker & Sphere Ice Mold

Hi folks! I had an amazing opportunity provided by Tomoson and Bar Brat. I was able to tyr out this awesome Ice Ball/Sphere maker.

I’ve always been one of those weird ones that loved different shaped ice. When I was younger I had a silicon ice cube tray that made heart shaped ice cubes and I loved it!

So when I was invited to try this product, I couldn’t say no.

So first off, this product is SUPER easy to use. You just fill it 3/4th the way with water, and line up the pieces and push down. You want overflow to come from the top. Put it in the freezer and allow to freeze. Once frozen, just move the silicon mold around so that it breaks the pieces around the spheres, and remove the top. If you’re lucky, the overflow was enough that the stems broke off and it is actually a sphere. Otherwise, you may just need to cut this off.

Sadly, my video didn’t allow me to show this happening, but it did happen when I had first used it! I only wish I had of realized I needed to do a video then, and you would have seen its awesomeness!

I definitely suggest checking it out. You can find the product here on Amazon.ca.

You can check out my video here:

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