}125{ So Susan – Lip Love – May 2015

Wooooo! Slowly catching up, day by day. I just need to actually do all my current videos before all my new stuff shows up ;)

In any case, here is the video for this bag:

Light Diffuser
I’m terrible and haven’t used like any of my make up recently. It’s all sitting pretty waiting for me to do something with it. This has a very nice color to it. I will mostlikely use this once I get back into my makeup ways!

Jelly Pong Pong – Play Paint
I really enjoy the color of this! It is a nice hint to what I already have.

The Beauty Crop – Lighting Crew
This looks like it’ll be a really nice product, though liquid highlighters I usually have an issue with (because I wear powder makeup!)

Bonus: Creme Couture
Another nice product, but I haven’t used it.

Bonus: Anchor Bracelet
Cute bracelet, but I’m not into most nautical things so I’ll probably give this away.

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  1. Comment by devolyn:

    These bags are pretty cool! Good stuff

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