}091{ Twenty Fourteen In Review

Wow, 2014 is here and gone! I figured this is a great time for us to do a review of all the things I went through in 2014. I tried to make sure everything from 2014 was wrapped up, and I think I did pretty well because only one thing wasn’t complete and it was something that just came up in December!

So January started off with me talking about piercings (daith, industrial, eyebrow). I was also half way through my fundraising year for my first Relay For Life event. I also experienced getting my two dermals under/beside my left eye, and had my nipples pierced.

February was only about piercings! We talked about my conch piercing, and dermals.

We then moved into March. We discussed my nipple piercings, I shared a smoothie recipe and started the Squat Challenge! Dale and I also ended up having a pretty awesome 9th year anniversary, made some great friends and got to visit a beautiful place!

April brought your the tale of our anniversary adventure. I joined the ranks of Julep since Birchbox was still only for the US. I also ordered some jewellery and joined their affiliate program! I also had my left nostril pierced and wrote about the experience. I also sadly experienced my first rejection and had to have one of my dermals removed. Before April was over I received my Julep welcome box!

May came with the unboxing of my welcome box to Julep and the beginning of an addiction. I also received my first benefit of being part of Influenster and received the #imPRESSManicure vox box. I shared my first Maven box with you all and my unboxing of a normal Julep order. I also went through a lot with getting ready for my Relay For Life team’s Tiger Crawl and having my PayPal hacked.

June was exciting since it was my first Relay! At some point I also got my awesome Cannon camera and did my Boscia Luminizing Black Face Mask review and video. I shared my maven box for the month, julep mystery boxes and got my first Top Box and Chatelaine add on!

July brought the Luxe Box for Summer. I also had my tongue pierced and we discussed that. I signed up for Candy Japan’s blog sample and their service since I didn’t figure I’d get accepted and ended up with both. NatureBox also opened their doors to Canada and I got to sign up for their services. BrandBacker and Markwins selected me for their One Direction make up testers, and Top Box brought me the Benefit Prive box. I had also been trying out Bikram Hot Yoga at the time (courtesy of the awesome GetGifted) What a busy month!

August was another busy month! I tried out Moksha Hot Yoga and wrote about my experience between it and Bikram. I posted my review of the One Direction make up I received free from Markwins and BrandBacker. We had a brief talk about my life and what was going on and what you had to look forward to. We got personal with feminine hygiene products (the Diva Cup!) and I shared my NatureBox & Top Box again. My first Ipsy bag found its way into my life, and I let Amanda stab my septum so I could wear pretty jewellery. And we finished off with our second trip to Seawind Landing!

September brought you Seawind Landing 2.0! Where I was sadly sick and then Dale got sick before it was over. We explored a bit more of Guysborough area, and I picked up more stuff for my camera. I made another post for Markwins/BrandBacker for One Direction Makeup, and ended my CandyJapan subscription to try Kawaii Supplies out. You got to checkout a couple of my CandySan orders, Kawaii Supplies, Nerd Block, Top Box and the fall box for Luxe Box!

BzzAgent and Pantene hooked me up with some Pantene BB products to test out in October. We went over why it was not for me at all. We also had a late post for my September box because it was lost in transit, and I ended up receiving both and NatureBox had the best customer service ever. We also had some more Kawaii Supplies action and Ipsy! I also signed up for Arcade Block so I could get it for my brother for Christmas. I believe I lost my eyebrow piercing around this time too!

November brought us October’s Top Box, Nature Box and Nerd Block. I also got to share my amazing acceptance to try out the Kiss Instawave that Kiss and BrandBacker sent me for free! I also cancelled my NerdBlock & Arcade Block to go and try for something else. Was stabbed again in the rook!

Last but certainly not least December! Boy, that was a busy month. Top Box for both November and December (and my add on in December), Ipsy for November and December, we talked about my Rook piercing from November and my tragus piercing at the end of December! We said a sad goodbye to Kawaii Supplies who sent their final candy subscription out. We had a guest spot from the fabulous Dawn for Birch Box (which inspired me to sign up for mine and shared that with you too!) We went over November and December’s Nature Box. I also experienced and shared with you my encounter with Kiss Me Organic’s Matcha that I received free from them in a BrandBacker campaign! I also shared my second food recipe with you guys! Wowza what a busy year! Sadly I didn’t get to cover Secret’s BzzAgent campaign or my Crest one, but you will see those coming up shortly!

Food Boxes
Beauty Boxes
Geek Boxes
Free Stuff
Relay For Life
Diva Cup
Face Masks
Anniversary trips

4 piercings from years before.
9 new piercings this year
1 Rejection
1 Lost jewellery/let grow over.

Julep – sign up and cancellation
Top Box – sign up
Luxe Box – sign up
Candy Japan – sign up and cancellation
NatureBox – sign up
Ipsy – sign up
Kawaii Supplies – sign up and their closure
Nerd Block – sign up and cancellation
Arcade Block – sign up and cancellation
Birch Box – Sign Up

Free Stuff:
Influenster – #imPRESSManicure Vox Box
Candy Japan – Blogger trial
BrandBacker – Markwins One Direction Limited Edition Keepsake Tin
BzzAgent – Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Trio
BrandBacker – Kiss InstaWave
BrandBacker – Kiss Me Organic’s Matcha
BzzAgent – Crest Sensi-Relief Toothpaste and Toothbrush
BzzAgent – Secret Outlast Clear Gel in Lavendar
GetGifted – Plenty, but specifically Bikram Hot Yoga 10 day pass.

30 Day Squat Challenge
Bikram Hot Yoga
Moksha Hot Yoga

Wowza that is a lot! I want to thank everyone for their amazing support and love last year. I hope you stay with me throughout this year! I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!

My resolution for this year is going to be working hard at creating routines and making an effort for me!

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