Extra Life 2015

So you’re interested in donating to me for this great cause? AWESOME!

First off, lets get to know each other a bit.

My name is Amanda, and I run/own this blog! This isn’t my first fundraising rodeo, either! I joined the team Tina’s Tigers back in 2013 for the 2014 Bridgewater Relay For Life. I raised over $200 for my first year, and decided I would take part in the 2015 relay as well! I had raised over $300 for the 2015 relay. The team raised over $5,000 ($5,285.82 to be exact!) in 2015, and in 2014 we raised over $10,000.

I decided that I wasn’t satisfied with just doing this one event, and decided to join Extra Life! They’re a fantastic cause that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. So for myself, I’m fundraising for the IWK Foundation. I’ve a goal set for $200, but hope to far exceed this since it’s such a great cause!

As of July 1st, .

However, I’m making an offer that if someone donates $20+, they can choose a game that I will play! Requirements would be that it needs to be low requirements if it’s a PC game, otherwise it would need to be an XBox One game (or backwards compatible and works with the Twitch App).

Should you donate over $20 and want to recommend a game, please drop me a message on my Facebook page with the name and email address you donated under. I will let you know if I can for sure play that game or if I’ll have to see if I can obtain it. I will do my best to accommodate requests, and will see if I can borrow games from friends if necessary. I will update this page, as well as all my social media accounts with game requests as they come along.

Are you a company that wants to get your product seen on my page? I’m open to doing giveaways or wearing swag! Reach out to me through either my Facebook page and I will be able to provide you with a proper method of contacting me.

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