}005{ Life’s Too Short

I’ve taken a very dramatic stage in my life recently. I have had bad news, friends with worse news, and anything else life has to throw at us.I have looked into my current life and feel like I may not appreciate life. I don’t believe it will be something I ever truly appreciate, as I never have. Life, to me, is one I’m living with the loss of loved ones. Some of which, it is incredibly hard to go along with. My life has always been trailed with loss and death. It started at a very young age, and I believe it has truly tainted me. Some points of my life, have not been pretty. There have been many times that I have wished to not wake up the next day. There are people in our lives, and even pets, that when you lose them you lose yourself.

I’ve taken the time to look at some of my closes friends, and just leave a small message to them on Facebook – letting them know how I feel and that no matter what I love them and will always be there. Which will always be true – even in my darkest days, my friends still come first.

On a different note, I did not get the position I had applied for. Everything happens for a reason, and I guess they just felt it wasn’t my time. I’m a bit upset, mainly because of one choice… but one can only assume that there is a reason. I may, or may not try again. I’m not sure at this time – it feels as though I may never be what they’re looking for. Although, my feedback was great.

Take care everyone!

Don’t forget to tell everyone how you feel, always. Never wait, you could be too late.


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