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Today was pay day for me! It was a good time for me to go hit the mall and get some things done, picked up, and ready to go! The trip started off simple enough – take my fiancé out and get his picture printed off so we can send in his licencing papers; find a purse; grab an item at Sephora; pick up that shower gel from LUSH that my co-worker had me hooked on!Well, went and printed off the picture. Made our way over to the mall where I went to Sephora to pick up Watt’s Up!, then lingered up to LUSH!

My soul reason for this trip was to pick up It’s Raining Men and I did, in the largest bottle. Then I began looking around the store, and picking up a thing here and there… then the lovely ladies of my store were offering me a basket – that I gracefully declined as I didn’t want to end up spending a lot more than I had intended. I decided I would pick up the Ma Bar, and Honey I Washed The Kids. My fiancé did a test spray (and nearly killed both of us) of the Dirty body spray which smells fantastic – but he ended up spraying far too much (it was a cloud over my hand!). So I picked up all of those items, and wandered around the mall a bit longer.

We reached out to my fiancé’s mom, to see if she wanted us to come over for a bit. She said she did, and she was going to come up pick us up in a bit. So I decided to go back up to LUSH to pick up a couple items for her to try. I found out one of my lovely co-workers was there, and we met up at the store and started picking things up. From my previous recommendation she picked up the Phoenix Rising, and found her way around and picked out a few nice items here and there. While I found myself picking up another Ma Bar, two Honey Bee bath bombs, a Floating Island bath melt, and Oatifix. I ended up getting a sample of Blousey during my second trip too! I figured I would give his mother her own Ma Bar & Honey Bee bath bomb, and share the Floating Island bath melt with her. I ended up giving her part of my Honey I Washed The Kids soap as well. Where my hair isn’t colored or fragile (and my undying love for Fair Trade Honey) , and Blousey was more suited for his mother to try. She hasn’t even tried the products yet, but is so in love with the scents she wants to visit them as well! (Success!) I can’t wait to try out all of these items and may very well find my way to the bathtub tomorrow to try them!

For a brief review of the items I’ve mentioned in this post and tried already, please continue reading below!

It’s Raining Men is a phenomenal product and I highly suggest it if you love the smell of honey and desserts – it’s just another LUSH product that smells like food! It made my skin super soft, and the smell remained on my skin for hours! I had tried it as a sample this morning, and fell so hard for it that I had to go out and purchase more! I knew I would just by the smell of it alone!

I found Phoenix Rising to have a very apple & cinnamon smell to it. When it was dissolving, it was so delicious and beautiful to watch! It sinks to the bottom of your tub, and starts releasing beautiful and delicious smells. When it rises back up, and gets towards the core, it has a delightful green color on the inside. Once it had finished, I found the bath had more of a floral smell then apples & cinnamon, but it was still very relaxing! I don’t have the patience to take a video of it while in use – half because I want to be in the bath water with it – so, here’s one of my favorite demo videos of the product.

The Dirty body spray wasn’t a product I had intended to use on myself. However, my fiancé was all bundled up in his winter clothes, that I let him spray it on me in store. The clean smell lasts for hours, and didn’t wear off even after multiple times of washing my hands. It’s not an over powering smell, as long as it is used sparingly.

Fair Trade Honey – what can I say about this WONDERFUL shampoo? When I originally smelled it, I wasn’t really fond of it, but I took a sample of it home and decided to give it a shot. It smells better in the shower, but after time – I’ve just fallen in love with the smell right out of the bottle and in the shower. My hair is left feeling silky, healthy, and lightly fragrant!

Although Watt’s Up! isn’t a LUSH, it is a fabulous product that deserves it’s own section. It’s a long lasting product, that makes my skin simply glow. It blends really well into the skin, and just leaves it with a nice glow. It is manufactured by Benefit Cosmetics and is a wonderful addition to my very small cosmetic collection! I don’t wear much make up – hardly any at all, but I’m not sure how I lived without this beautiful product before!

If you enjoy this post, please let me know! Feel free to leave comments, and I will continue to make posts like this. I will hopefully get in some pic

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