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So I follow some interesting Freebies and Sample pages on Facebook… One of them recently brought SwagBucks to my attention! I looked into it, and it appears to be a very legitimate site. So I’ve signed up and began collecting reward points. It seems to be very interesting so far, and within 5 minutes I was at 64 SwagBucks… this is including signing up and all that fun! I wanted to document when I started this and to see when I get my first reward (probably Starbucks as I’m addicted to their Very Berry Hibiscus refresher *_*).I was looking to see if anyone had any feedback or comments about this site as well. Feel free to sign up, no credit cards are necessary, so you’re not selling your soul. :)

If you do sign up, my referral link is here and I would appreciate any referrals too! The faster I get to the first reward, the better we can look at this right? :)

I’ll keep in touch and let you know how this goes! Please feel free to let me know any experience you have with it!

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