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So as most of you know by now, I’m 100% addicted to piercings. My piercer, Amanda from Classy Tattoo Co,  is a bad influence on me too! She had brought up she was interested in trying a different type of dermal anchors that are listed as skin divers, but they have a round disc bottom. She had showed them to me, and I finally decided that I wanted to get this done.It was highly debated as some of my friends are totally against them because of either having a bad experience or knowing someone who has had a bad experience. I trust Amanda, and I knew she wouldn’t get me into something that wouldn’t go over well for me – so I decided I’d go for it and I’d get two amethyst purple ones near my left eye.

I haven’t been nervous about getting a piercing since my nose and lip piercings. So it was crazy to go through all of the “I don’t know what to expect” and “what will this be like” anxieties again. All for nothing, let me tell you! Amanda is fantastic and she uses a needle instead of a biopsy punch. I had asked her for her reason as so many piercers use the biopsy punch, and it was just as simple as she didn’t like the biopsy punch experience and didn’t want to use them unless she had to. I’m thankful for this, because biopsy punches scare me and look really intense!

In any case, they were done so quickly I couldn’t believe it. Pinch of the skin, needle in and out, then jewellery popped in. They felt fantastic from the time I’ve had them done. I’ve had little to no issues with them since getting them done. They were done on 01/04/2014 so they’re still fairly new, but also doing fantastic!

The only issue I had was I ended up catching one of them (slight tug) and it caused it to be red and leaky. Hot compress and spraying helped it, and it’s back to being normal now.

Here is what the actual full piece looks like:

If you are thinking about getting them, just make sure you talk to your piercer to make sure they’re right for you and that the area you want to get them in is a good place with low rejection rates.

And here they are on my face! They’re 16g posts, but the base is approximately 10g (which is the needle size used for the piercing).

two individual dermals
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