}034{ Squat Challenge

So I decided that I was going to do this 30 day squat challenge! Why, you may ask… and the reason is just to start breaking into actually doing exercise. I have recently been brought back to life by having day shifts. Meaning I’ll have more time with Dale and time to do whatever I want. I want to get into exercising reguarly, but I have often found it difficult because of my rotating schedule and I can’t have an actual schedule. However, this doesn’t require any actual schedule and I can do it on my own time, whenever I want. I just have to follow it. So what is this challenge? I’ll share below the steps.Each day you will have a number of reps (and perhaps sets as well) that you must complete. Every 4 days is a rest day. Each day you must do the following squats:

– Narrow Squat
– Narrow Squat with Back Kick
– Basic Squat
– Basic Squat with leg lift
– Sumo Squat

This is the schedule:

Day 1: 6 Reps Each
Day 2: 10 Reps Each
Day 3: 2 sets of 6 Reps Each
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: 3 sets of 5 Reps Each
Day 6: 10 Reps Each
Day 7: 2 sets of 8 Reps Each
Day 8: Rest
Day 9:  2 sets of 9 Reps Each
Day 10: 2 sets of 6 Reps Each
Day 11: 4 sets of 5 Reps Each
Day 12: Rest
Day 13: 3 sets of 7 Reps Each
Day 14: 2 sets of 6 Reps Each
Day 15: 5 sets of 5 Reps Each
Day 16: Rest
Day 17: 3 sets of 9 Reps Each
Day 18: 3 sets of 5 Reps Each
Day 19: 4 sets of 7 Reps Each
Day 20: Rest
Day 21: 3 sets of 10 Reps Each
Day 22: 2 sets of 8 Reps Each
Day 23: 4 sets of 8 Reps Each
Day 24: Rest
Day 25: 5 sets of 7 Reps Each
Day 26: 3 sets of 6 Reps Each
Day 27: 4 sets of 9 Reps Each
Day 28: Rest
Day 29: 3 sets of 12 Reps Each
Day 30: 4 sets of 10 Reps Each

Being a person who has never been much into exercise, and having been extraordinarily lazy recently, the first week of this was a lot of tender/sore muscles. When I did this the first day, I thought this was going to be breezy. Thirty total squats? Easy peasy! I was a little tired but nothing big – the usual for someone who is out of shape. You look at the numbers and you’re like – only 5 each four times? You have to remember that it’s 5 of each squat type (5) four times. 5x5x4=100. That’s right – 100 squats! The good news is, they go pretty quickly and I find my legs recover quickly from the super wobbly effect.

After day three I realized that this was going to be really good for me. It wasn’t really hard, but it was tiring and I was getting to the point of my legs being wobbly before I finished. I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be able to walk after these without having wobbly legs, but I can attest to the fact that you will! After the first week, my leg soreness went away. I’ve managed to stay on track and do them every day. I’m currently on day fourteen and finished my sixty squats. Which were a lot easier than the 105 I did yesterday! However, tomorrow looks terrifying (140)!

I’m going to keep at it – and hopefully make it alive. If I can’t do a day – then I’ll do that day until I can get it done and continue you on. Perhaps I’ll make a follow up blog regarding how I make out! I’m using this as my bridge to get back into working out and maybe get back into doing yoga and fitness on the Wii U.

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