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Good day everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend and had lots of fun.

Recently (like last week) I decided to finally join the realm of Beauty Boxes. I decided I wanted to start with Julep. I have always wanted to try some of Julep‘s items and I figured this was a good chance. Plus, it will give me that delightful joy of receiving a package every month. I just hope they ship in small enough boxes to get put in my post box. If not I may need to have it shipped for work.

So, as you can tell, I haven’t received my initial box yet – although I just picked my May box! (So exciting!) My first box is supposed to arrive late this week early next week, then I would assume my May box will arrive around mid May. I promise you, I will blog about each box I receive. Maybe I’ll branch out and actually do a vlog entry (god help us!).

For those of you who are not Mavens, Julep just released a blog on how they will be improving on the program. They will be adding customizable boxes that current subscribers can change to if they would like. This comes with a change in monthly cost, however, you do not have to change over. Starting May 1st, all new Mavens will not have a choice and will only receive the customizable boxes. If you’re interested in trying Julep‘s Maven program, but aren’t sure you want to go with the higher cost or want the customization you will need to sign up before May 1st.

Be sure to use the code FREEBOX to get your first monthly box of beauty FREE!

I just wanted to send out this as a quick blog so those who are interested know changes that may be going on.

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