}044{ Relay For Life

An interruption to your regularly scheduled broadcasting is taking place. I just wanted to bring up an issue with you guys since I didn’t have a chance to post the mystery box blog yet as I was exhausted after this weekend, and next weekend won’t be much better. I’m going to try to get something pre-scheduled so you guys aren’t out another week without these mystery boxes!

However, this Friday (June 6th) is the last day for my team to obtain funds towards our $10,000 goal. Please be sure to consider donating to us. No donation is too small, and even sharing this blog will help us get a wider viewing audience and hopefully bring in some extra donations. We are still fairly far from our goal of $10,000 and although some of us have met our personal goals, we can still accept donations. My personal goal will change and reflect what I end up with – so give me a reason to aim even higher next year!

If you’re able to donate, you can do so directly to me at my . You can also donate directly to the team at .

Thank you again for everything you can and will do.

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