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Wow! Two posts in one day – it can only mean that I’ve let time slip by me once again and am on deadline time!

I really hate that I’ve been so unmotivated in life, and as a result everything is suffering. However, I guess it makes me productive because I have to be!

Today, we have PurSabino’s Yoga Socks. What are Yoga socks? Well they’re like toe socks, with the toes actually open. They also have anti-slip protection on the soles!

Like anything that separates your toes, it can be a little awkward to get on at first. However, if you’re used to wearing toe socks or even those toe-shoes, then it shouldn’t be too difficult for you!

Here’s the stock image of this product:

Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten to upload my pictures of the socks so far, so I’ll update with the pictures by this weekend at latest. However, as you can see they have the little grips on the bottom and are toeless.

These are actually really comfortable once you adjust to them. The only issue I came up with them, was that if I didn’t put them on quite right, it pinched my toes and they’d go a bit numb. But then I’d just adjust and I’d be fine.

These can be worn with shoes, but if you have those exposed jelly soles, it may be hard to get your foot in as the grips and the jelly will try to prevent each other from moving. ;)

I reviewed this product on Amazon, and you can see the review here:


Please let me know if you have any questions about this product! I’d be very happy to try and answer them as best as possible!

The product can be purchased here:


It is well worth the money, so I highly suggest picking up a pair. Even if you aren’t into Yoga, the freedom and slip-resistant bottom really are awesome!

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