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}060{ Septum Piercings

Posted August 31, 2014 By 'Manda

Woooo! Post #60! And what’s this? another piercing post? The last one was post #50! Are you excited? We all know how much I love me some piercings. So lets talk septum piercings shall I? They’ve never been my favorite piercing. Mainly because I’ve never liked looking like a bull and a lot of times […]

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}050{ Tongue Piercing

Posted July 7, 2014 By 'Manda

So for a long time, I decided that I didn’t like tongue piercings. Mainly because they scared me. Back when they were really popular was when piercings were new to me, and there were lots of ‘dangers’ about them. But recently, I was really thinking about getting either a double tongue piercing or venom. I […]

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}032{ Nipple Piercings

Posted March 2, 2014 By 'Manda

Time to discuss my most recent piercing! I’m going to be up front about this now – and I will not be including pictures of my nipple piercings. If you’re interested in seeing what they look like a simple Google Search for “Nipple Piercing Barbel” will show you exactly what I had done. ;)Anyone who […]

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}030{ Conch

Posted February 16, 2014 By 'Manda

To continue on with my tales of piercings (and I have several more to come!)… I bring you my conch piercing! I ended up getting my conch pierced because I liked how it looked and really liked a lot of the options I had to go with. So I went to see Amanda on September […]

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}028{ Industrial

Posted January 5, 2014 By 'Manda

Second post of the New Year! I’m trying to ensure that I get to post all my piercings and tattoo(s) in a timely fashion, so that in the future I can hopefully blog about them as they occur! On another note, this is the week of my birthday! What does this mean, you may ask… […]

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