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}087{ -F02- Japanese Curry

Posted December 29, 2014 By 'Manda

Yay! You guys get a delightful curry recipe! It’s not mine though, I usually don’t follow directions real well. The simplest thing I can do, is tell you that I actually use Just One Cookbook’s recipe. You can follow it to your hearts content, and you will be eating basically what I am. However, I […]

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}033{ -F01- Tropical Smoothie

Posted March 19, 2014 By 'Manda

I decided that it was mid-week madness and it was a good time to make a post! The fiancĂ© and I have been trying to find healthier choices for food and drinks lately and I’ve come to love a particular green smoothie. I had the idea for the smoothie after reading several different guides for […]

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