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}034{ Squat Challenge

So I decided that I was going to do this 30 day squat challenge! Why, you may ask… and the reason is just to start breaking into actually doing exercise. I have recently been brought back to life by having day shifts. Meaning I’ll have more time with Dale and time to do whatever I […]

}033{ -F01- Tropical Smoothie

I decided that it was mid-week madness and it was a good time to make a post! The fiancé and I have been trying to find healthier choices for food and drinks lately and I’ve come to love a particular green smoothie. I had the idea for the smoothie after reading several different guides for […]

}007{ January 8th

Well folks, it’s January 8th. Which means it’s almost been a month since my last post. Nothing overly exciting has happened in my life… I did make a few minor changes!First off, it is my birthday. Another year older, hooray! What do I plan to do on this day? I’m not sure yet, just hope it involves […]

}006{ Happy 12-12-12

Sorry I’ve been quiet for so long folks!Life hasn’t been very exciting (just been playing video games for the most part!) My side bothers me from time to time still, but I assume there is healing going on so I expect it to take time. Sunday I had gone to my fiance’s Christmas party for […]

}004{ Quick Update

Just an update! I spoke to the general surgeon – He gave me the rest of the week off and advised I should be fine. Advised that I just need to come back if it gets worse. So far, every day is easier. :)